How to Swim faster and more efficiently with 5 stroke drills

Have an important swimming meet coming up? You better start practicing, and one of the best ways to improve your strokes is to practice some swimming drills. This video will outline 5 very important stroke drills to use for refining your swimming technique. Learn to swim faster and more efficiently with the following 5 drills:

* One-arm Drill
* Catch-up Drill
* 10 & 10 Drill
* Fist Drill
* Fingertip Drag Drill


good video, gross pool, but very helpful
the fist drill is extremely effective

these are all very simple/standard drills. They are good and they help alot.

or we could just smoke weed like michael phelps?

I love this,but its hard sometimes if one have taken a looong brake!!

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