How to Practice breaststroke and butterfly turns

This how-to animations shows you the basic turns for breast and butterfly strokes in swimming. Watch and see how easy it is to improve your swimming techniques with these steps. The same type of turn is used for both butterfly and breaststroke. The laws say that you must touch the wall with two hands, so a touch and pivot turn is used. The main thing to remember is that you don't need to hang on to the wall. The quicker you touch it and pull your hands away the better.

Step 1: Try to practice swimming into the wall and touching with arms stretched. You may find you need to change the speed of the last couple of strokes so that you can do this.

Step 2: As you touch the wall, turn sideways by taking one hand off the wall and driving your knees towards your chest. Pull the elbow of the arm you have taken off the wall down, then kick off the wall as you complete the turn so that you are back on to your front. Have just one stroke underwater after the turn.

Practice breaststroke and butterfly turns

Practice breaststroke and butterfly turns Click through to watch this video on

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