How To: Go skinny-dipping

Go skinny-dipping

Always wanted to try skinny dipping but not sure quite how to get the ball rolling? There's not much to it but with a little bit of forward thinking you can make sure to get your friends on board while avoiding cops and an unwanted audience.

Go for it – try a swim wearing only your birthday suit!

You Will Need

* Warmweather
* A secluded location
* Friends
* Darkness

Step 1: Choose a warm day

Choose a time when the water is warm to go skinny-dipping. It makes the moment more enjoyable.

Step 2: Pick a location

Pick a secluded location where you will be free of unwanted peeking eyes.

Step 3: Ask friends to join you

Ask friends to join you for this exciting excursion.

Go skinny-dipping when it is dark. You may get more friends to come with you if they are more comfortable being naked in the dark.

Step 4: Get naked

Get naked.

Step 5: Stow away your clothes

Place all your clothes and valuables in a bag to avoid losing anything.

Step 6: Run towards water

Run and skip towards the water. Internally scream and holler in anticipation.

Step 7: Enjoy the moment

Enjoy the moment. Savor the sensation of the water against your skin, the adrenaline pumping through your body, and feeling of exhilaration.

In 2009, at the request of the American Association for Nude Recreation, the Guinness World Records Organization created a category for the "largest number of simultaneous skinny-dippers."

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